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Foundation Repair, Washington Township NJ

Washington Township Waterproofing specializes in handling issues with all sizes of foundation cracks. Epoxy glue and carbon fiber are used in our cutting-edge method to reinforce your foundation and fix fissures. Let us assist you with maintaining a solid foundation and a dry basement. Several different foundation repair services are available with Washington Township Basement Waterproofing.

Listed below are just a handful of the solutions we offer:

  • Repair of foundation cracks

  • Basement wall correction

  • Repair of Concrete Cracks

Contact Washington Township Waterproofing for a FREE ESTIMATE if you need professional basement waterproofing, crawl space repair, or foundation repair services.

Wall Crack Repair

For homeowners, basement wall cracks can be a severe problem. Fortunately, you can use epoxy injection to fix these fissures effectively. Epoxy injection involves injecting a polyurethane foam or epoxy substance into the fracture at low pressure. This procedure repairs the wall to its original structural design by sealing the fracture and preventing water from leaking.

Epoxy injection is a popular option among homeowners seeking a lasting fix for their cracked basement walls since it is cost-effective to fix concrete slabs and walls.

Why Do Walls Crack?

  • Soil Motion

    Did you realize that rain might harm your house's foundation walls? You may apply pressure to the wall due to rain and soil expansion outside your foundation wall. But when the earth dries, it shrinks and loses its ability to sustain the foundation walls. The ongoing cycle of soil movement over time may cause fractures to form and a progressive weakening of the walls. Take preventive actions to guard the foundation of your house against this sort of harm.

  • Hydrostatic Force

    Did you know that too wet soil near your foundation can lead to a buildup of hydrostatic pressure and force water up against the walls of your basement? It may cause expensive damage by allowing water to leak through joints in the walls and floors, cracks, and spaces around basement windows. Take steps to secure your basement right now rather than waiting for water to find a way in.

We can assist you whether you have minor aesthetic problems, such as foundation cracks or more major structural difficulties. Trust us to deliver consistent, knowledgeable service throughout your entire interaction. Don't allow moisture-related issues like mold development and leaking basement walls unattended.

How to Spot Structural Foundation Cracks?

  • Cement, gravel, and water are the main ingredients of concrete, and water evaporation starts the hardening process. However, this stage has the potential to result in minimal shrinking of the concrete, leading to hairline fractures that do not endanger the building's structural integrity. However, these cracks offer entry points for radon gas, insects, and groundwater to enter the building.

  • Your basement walls may have cracks, indicating major structural problems. Wet soil pressing up against your foundation or soil erosion below your foundation usually causes these fissures. Checking and fixing these cracks as soon as you notice them is essential. Waiting to remedy the issue might make it worse, costlier, and more challenging. Take immediate steps to maintain the integrity of your home's foundation. Don't wait.

  • Walls made of block or poured concrete frequently develop horizontal fissures due to soil compaction or frost damage. Concrete can shrink in freezing conditions, and damp soil can strain the foundation. Monitoring cracks and spot wall movement, such as bulging or tilting, is critical to stop additional damage. A bulging crack may indicate that the house is gradually losing its footing and needs prompt treatment.

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