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Everyone at our organization is committed to ongoing development, from support staff to on-site contractors. Washington Township Basement Waterproofing has created the most efficient and long-lasting solutions for every damp basement. Since its founding, our products have kept basements dry, saving thousands of basements.

What Is Waterproofing?

A crucial procedure utilized to safeguard and maintain a range of surfaces is waterproofing. Concrete waterproofing and sealing are standard practices to guarantee that structures stay watertight. It aids in avoiding corrosion, erosion, and other issues from moisture exposure.

Is Waterproofing A Need?

Leaky walls, moist crawl spaces, and moist basements are all warning indications of problems. Why? Water damage compromises the concrete structural integrity of your house. Water damage may compromise the concrete structural integrity of your property and lower its value, whether it's due to mildew, acidic residue, or structural erosion. Mold and other dangers can also endanger your family's physical health.

Due to the ancient and deteriorated building structures, there is a risk of basement water problems. Throughout their existence, basement buildings face several challenges but, for the most part, hold up well. Time will tell, though, if stress spots, saturated soil, and inadequate drainage systems eventually triumph over them. Water leaking is a potential issue in your concrete basement's walls, flooring, and structural cracks.

We provide some of the most cutting-edge and efficient techniques in the basement restoration sector for our Washington Township basement waterproofing solutions. Our innovative systems have succeeded primarily due to blending the best waterproofing techniques with our unique materials and basement restoration techniques. We are Washington Township's premier basement waterproofing business.

Known as the best basement waterproofing company in Washington Township, we are prepared to assist you if you require wet basement repair. We specialize in waterproofing, and thanks to our stellar reputation in the neighborhood, you can count on us to be there whenever you need us. We provide residents with cost-free, no-obligation quotes. Every estimate comes with an in-home inspection and a written quotation. For a free basement repair estimate, give us a call or fill out the free quotation form from our website.

Waterproofing Process

  • First, we thoroughly inspect your house at no cost to you. The Washington Township Waterproofing professionals will look at typical problems such as a broken sump pump, poor grading outside the house, fractured walls, and more. Our basement waterproofing professionals have over three decades of expertise, so they know where to look.

  • We then compile a list of potential issues. We then provide potential answers to your problems. You could require sump pump repairs, basement waterproofing, crawl space encapsulation, or foundation repair. Regardless of your requirements, our professionals will explain the situation and offer a FREE quote.

  • If not handled appropriately, basement water damage can have negative interior repercussions that are severe and long-lasting. Water in your basement not only makes it difficult to use the space, but it also poses a severe mold risk, which could eventually erode the structural integrity of your building.

Common Waterproofing Solutions

waterproofing material installed in the basement

Keep the Basement Dry

Installing a basement waterproofing system within your house is a great idea. Over the past years, people have used traditional drain tile, French drain, and weeping tile systems.

Washington Township Waterproofing offers a free basement waterproofing assessment and price. We cover all nearby locations if you have a damp basement and are seeking a concrete contractor.

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Steps in Keeping The Basement Dry

Generating and attaining a dry basement may require something more, including humidity. Your foundation's walls, flooring, and grout may all be easily penetrated by moisture and easily penetrate exposed dirt.

  • Step 1: Install a moisture barrier on your floors and walls as the first step.

Even though the walls and flooring of your basement appear to be dry at first glance, you can be sure that water vapor is constantly seeping into the basement through the concrete.

There are many techniques to determine whether moisture is getting into your basement. A white, flaky powder that gathers on concrete basement walls is one of the most typical. When moisture escapes from the basement walls and into the air, it leaves a substance known as efflorescence.

Other indications include rust on your pipes, tools, or other metal in the area and mold and musty odors in the basement.

  • Systems for basement walls and vapor barriers

    The water vapor behind it will harm the bond of a 'waterproof' coating and destroy it in a few years or even months! Instead of installing one of our basement wall systems, such as BrightWall®, a plastic wall covering mechanically bonded to the wall and bonded it to the wall and placed it as a vapor barrier. These quick-to-install basement wall coverings will brighten the area and permanently keep out dampness.

  • ThermalDry® Basement Floor Matting

    You can transform cold, wet, and hard concrete into gorgeous, dry, and pleasant flooring with ThermalDry® Basement Floor Matting! To compliment any décor, they are available in two tile and carpet colors. Raised pegs on the bottom of the ThermalDry® Flooring prevent water vapor from condensing into water droplets beneath your finished flooring by generating an airspace. ThermalDry® Flooring's modular construction enables quick installation and immediate usage! Additionally, it makes it possible to replace any future cracked or worn tiles without replacing the entire floor, such as in a high-usage area.

  • Step 2: Install a Reliable, Energy-Efficient Dehumidifier as the second step.

    Typically, dehumidifiers are just not strong enough to maintain a dry basement. The collecting trays on some of the inexpensive dehumidifiers found at hardware stores constantly fill up, sometimes in as little as 8–12 hours. To keep your machine working for a week, you would need to empty your collecting tray, which can potentially cost more.

  • Step 3: Frequently Maintain Your Sump Pump

    By preventing groundwater seepage, your basement waterproofing system plays a significant function in your house. Setting up a yearly maintenance appointment to check on your home's sump pump, basement drainage, and other system components can ensure everything is running well and help uncover any possible issues before they affect you.

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